Adman Electric brightens your business and your bottom line.



When your business takes advantage of the most advanced interior and exterior lighting technologies, you could save 50 percent or more on lighting energy with increased quality. New lighting technologies are extremely long lasting and will lower maintenance costs dramatically. In fact, energy-efficient lighting typically pays for itself within a few years. 

In addition to the application of the most advanced lighting technologies, Adman Electric’s energy-efficient lighting division has been designated a Preferred Partner with TVA. That means that your bottom line benefits from Federal Government incentives and grants that will help pay for your project.

But energy efficiency means more than a better bottom line -- It also means that your company is doing its part to protect the environment by utilizing solar power and state-of-the-art LED lighting.
If the initial cost is an obstacle, we can help by providing you with leasing or financing options that utilize your existing operating budget or the energy savings provided by the project, allowing you to take advantage of the savings immediately.

Adman Electric's Cleveland Division is an expert in lighting technologies that save you money while positively impacting the environment. Get your free energy audit today! E-mail Kelly Bouthot or call at 423-476-9220.