Partnering with Adman Electric’s pre-construction team to provide design assistance with your construction managers, engineers and owners means that your project team will be working hand-in-hand with our engineers, electricians and contractors to help deliver the optimum cost effective electrical installation.

It’s a unique project delivery method that facilitates open collaborations among all parties, from concept to completion. Decisions can be made as parts of a project are implemented, making unexpected changes or unanswered questions easy to manage and solve – including real-world determination of measurements, loads and calculations.

  • Collaborative Approach – A shared vision for the project deliverable and its ongoing details is important. It’s transparent, approachable and informative.
  • More Innovative Solutions – Prior to obtaining specific bids, Adman can leverage our team of experts on your behalf to explore a wider range of possibilities, budgets and solutions.
  • Enhanced Budget Management – Although the details of the project have not been set, the budget requirements are discovered from the outset.
  • Tailored Solutions – The preconstruction approach enhances our ability to provide a custom solution that truly fulfills your exact needs and the needs of your project.
  • Increased Speed to Market – By reducing the time for design up front, we can use job-costing databases to quickly and accurately determine a project’s budget and then carry it out.


Estimating is not just about pricing projects. It’s also about servicing our customers, the general contractors. Adman Electric builds solid relationships with our customers. It’s a matter of trust. Adman feels that the more a general contractor knows and works with us, the better you will feel about your pricing.

  • Adman is 100 percent focused on your project and we strive to learn every aspect of the project. Your team benefits from our experience and knowledge. We know what it will take to deliver a quality, on time and within budget project.
  • Our pre-construction team consists of seven estimators. If we’re the successful bidder on a project, our pre-construction group turns the project over to one of seven project managers who are responsible for the project until it has been satisfactorily completed.
  • Adman has an advantage when it comes to bidding on multi-million dollar projects because we can provide support for plant shutdowns that may require more than 100 electricians.

Contact the Pre-Construction department at 423-622-5103 or by e-mail and we'll get your project off to the right start.