Adman Electric strives to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees whether in the office, on a project or at a job site. A safe work environment is a key component for a profitable, successful business, and Adman works continually to improve its safety program.

As part of its ongoing commitment to a safe working environment, including utilizing safety-related tools and resources, Adman conducts Toolbox Talks, which help our employees become knowledgeable about safety as well as help us reduce injuries on the jobsite at each stage of the project.

We also have regular safety inspections to assess our safety compliance concerning:

  • Mobile crane lifts
  • Elevated work performed directly above an occupied area where people or space hardware may be present
  • Hot work
  • Energized work
  • Entry into permit-required confined spaces
  • Scaffolding
  • Excavations
  • MSDS related products such as chemicals and chemical compounds
  • Fall protection

We are OSHA and MSHA certified and have a comprehensive, award-winning safety program. Our safety program includes:

  • Management support
  • Appropriate policies and procedures
  • Proper tools and equipment
  • MSHA training
  • Site audits
  • Ongoing safety education and training

Our safety consultant, CORE, insures we maintain the highest level of safety.

If you have a concern about safety on an Adman project, please contact us.