Adman Electric’s vision is to provide our customers with energy conservation, energy management, energy production and energy distribution. We are skilled at providing a full package to our customers while protecting Earth’s natural resources.


Adman Electric wants to help you maximize profitability by controlling and minimizing electrical costs. We provide a turnkey answer for sustainable energy solutions including the financing portion with the assistance of our partners, as well as procuring all rebates, grants and Solar Renewable Energy Credits applicable to your project. Our expert staff also will guide you through the tax incentives and benefits that are available for your system. (I like the sound of this, but is it true?)


Adman Electric is on the cutting edge of being green. We are a member of TVA’s Preferred Partner Network. We work with our clients to implement ideas to reduce power consumption through the use of integrated building systems and new lighting technology.

We recently completed the installation of an eight-megawatt solar park at the VW Group of North America plant site in Chattanooga. This installation included 33,600 solar modules on a 66-acre site. Additionally, Adman has installed a solar system on the roof of its Chattanooga headquarters. 

Adman is also committed to working with you to implement ideas for sustainability in existing facilities, such as reduced power consumption through use of integrated building systems or new lighting technology.